Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This morning, I was meditating on Psalm 14.  It is a powerful Psalm that speaks of the evidence for God.  Let me encourage you to read the entire Psalm (It is only 7 verses long, so it will be a quick read).
The verse that grabbed my attention was verse 2 which states, "The Lord looks down from Heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God."  As I pondered that powerful verse, I realized how little I really understand God.  He is so much bigger than my thoughts and when I try to condense Him into small snippets of truth, I miss His majesty.  God is so vast and He constantly astounds me and surprises me.  However, the passage seemed to be a call from God for us to, not so much figure Him out as simply to trust Him in all things.  We need to understand that any situation is not out of His control and grasp.  To trust His heart when we cannot see His hand.

The other aspect of this passage which struck me was the fact that God is looking to see who will seek Him.  He doesn't put any qualifier on this.  He is pleased by those who will seek Him.  He doesn't ask us to have perfect Faith, He asks us to look for Him.  If you lost your paycheck in your house this week, what would you do?  We would tear up the house trying to find the paycheck because our rent/mortgage, groceries and life are connected to it.  God wants us to have that same enthusiasm for seeking Him.  He wants us to wake up excited about another morning we can spend in His Word and in prayer with Him before starting our day.  He wants us to look for His touch throughout the day, no matter how hectic or mundane.  I know I don't do this very well on most days.  I get caught up in my own stuff.  So today, I have made a commitment to try and see God at work in every situation which I encounter today:  Whether at the store, at work, playing hoops or standing in line.  I want to try to let God know that I value Him so much that I am looking for Him in every aspect of my life.  Not a bad way to spend a day!

Monday, September 20, 2010


As I told you on Sunday, I went to watch Wake Forest play Stanford in football on Saturday evening.  Now, I have been a devotee of Wake Forest athletics since I can remember.  My Dad is an alumni of this outstanding university, so we had no choice but to cheer for them.  We grew up going to basketball and football games wearing our gold and black and cheering for Wake Forest.  I can sing the entire fight song, even though I never attended the University.  Of course, being a Wake Forest fan teaches one how to deal with suffering because Wake Forest has lost more football games than any other division I NCAA football team.  The last bright spot was in 2006 when Wake Forest won the ACC title and then lost in the Orange Bowl.  So I am used to being on the losing end of the scoreboard.  As Mitch and I were going to the game, I was trying to prepare Mitch for the inevitable:  Wake Forest would be beaten soundly by Stanford.  I knew it before I left to go the game.  So when Wake tied the score at 7, I celebrated because I knew it wouldn't last.  Sure enough, Stanford starting scoring and scoring and scoring.  Wake couldn't stop Stanford and it turned into a rout.  We left early in the third quarter because there was no need to stay.

This morning, as I was praying for each of you, this game came to mind.  I wondered how many of us at Hillcrest have felt like that Wake Forest team?  The struggles keep mounting and coming.  They seem overwhelming because each time we turn around something else goes wrong.  The bills keep climbing, the tests keep coming, the kids keep stressing us and the list goes on.  It seems like we will be overwhelmed by all of these struggles.  Does that sound like a place where you might be today?  If so, take a moment to read Matthew 14:27.

Did you read Jesus' words?  In the middle of a violent storm when the disciples are freaking Jesus appears and tells them to not be afraid.  He doesn't promise the storm will go away, He promises to be with them in the storm.  What a beautiful reminder.  In whatever storm we may find ourselves, Jesus is there in the midst of it with us.  He may not make the storm go away, but He will give us comfort, peace and assurance as we face these storms.

So today, as you journey through life, may this sip of the well bring you the strength you need for the task at hand!